Probate Services

Welcome! Our expertise in dealing with the Probate Office and Inland Revenue is second to none. Our Probate Services are competitively priced when compared to the traditional sources of assistance with Probate, namely High Street Solicitors and the Banks.

Power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be established and registered at Court for as little as £250.00, which includes the Court Registration fee. We complete the necessary documentation and arrange for the Registration of the LPA, and all you need to do is sign the appropriate form - we do EVERYTHING for you

WE Provide LOW COST SERVICES with years of experience, and we are ready to visit your home

Asset Guardian Company was incorporated in 1997 and specialises in Probate, Will Writing services, and the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney. We offer a professional and convenient service in the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer, remotely on-line for your Will(s). We are based in Swindon but offer Will Writing and Probate services throughout the UK

Case Studies Satallite

Dear Gordon
I was unaware that having no Will could cost my family dearly when I am least able to help them. I thought Wills were for special circumstances or people with big estates, and that it would be an expensive, difficult process to complete. Little did I know that having a Will made is one of the most important decisions a person can make for their loved ones. What I needed first was someone to first make me aware of the need to take action, and to guide my wife and I through the process so we can consider our options and avoid making mistakes that could cost us in the future. We then needed our Wills to be properly drafted, and to ensure the entire process all the way up to signing with the witnesses was done correctly. You delivered all of this quickly, and made what would otherwise seem a complicated legal process into a simple conversation over a cup of tea. It wasn't long before our Wills were drafted and signed, giving us a sense of security that, if the worst happened, our children would be looked after and that our dying wishes would be carried out. All of this came at a surprisingly affordable price, and we were delighted with the speed, professionalism and good company that your service provided.

– Tom Davenport

Dear Gordon
Thank you for making my friend very happy. My good friend Karen thought your service over her recent Asset Guardian Company Will was outstanding. She understands everything about them now and you have sorted out the situation that may have arisen in the future, quickly and carefully and with thoughtfulness. She thanked me for the recommendation! You can't get better than that. As a blue chip public relations consultancy we at redheadPR, are very careful  about who we refer and the suppliers we use. Your reputation is ours. Thank you so much for increasing our reputation with all our contracts and especially my friends.

– Sara Tye