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Probate Services in  Swindon and Wiltshire

Asset Guardian’s team of probate experts work professionally, sensitively and efficiently to ensure Probate takes place as pain-free as possible. We understand that you and your family need extra special care during the Probate process.

Why Choose Asset Guardian to help you with Probate?
Probate Services Swindon - Help with Probate Forms

There are a multitude of reasons to choose us to help you with Probate, here are just a few:

  • Expert knowledge on all aspects of probate, from managing the sale of a property,
    assessing inheritance tax liability (if applicable), to sorting old pensions or
    insurance policies


  • Technically proficient with all Inheritance Tax, Intestacy issues and dealing with HMRC


  • Experienced in applying for a Grant of Representation (Probate) without causing
    additional worry or headache for you


  • Ensuring all the estate’s assets are distributed in accordance with the Will


  • Helping lower your anxiety by administering a loved one’s Estate on your behalf in a sensitive, caring manner

If you want the assistance of an experienced probate team to help you unravel the complexities of an Estate, then find out more by calling us on 01793 737246.

Commonly Asked Questions about our Probate Services
How much does your Probate Service Cost?


We aim to be competitive in the UK marketplace, typically much lower in cost than banks or solicitors charge, however we would need to see a copy of the Will to be able to estimate how much work is needed, we can then give you a definitive price.

How long does Probate typically take?


It’s hard to give an exact timeline as the process is usually subject to how complex the administration of the Estate actually is, but you should expect around 6 months. A Probate case can take longer if property has to be sold, a Court gets involved (from someone contesting a Will) or if business assets are owned and need to be disposed of.

Can I do Probate myself?


You can, and the HMRC offer information on their website on how to do this; however there are pitfalls and if you get things wrong you could face stiff penalties.


With all the complexities involved and additional stress it makes sense to hand over the administration of the Estate to an experienced Probate practitioner who can make things much easier for you.

Can you still offer Probate Services if the deceased had no will?


It is not advisable to die without a Will but unfortunately thousands of people in the UK do. Dying without a Will in place subjects the Estate to Intestacy laws, making things much more complicated and likely more expensive in the long run.

We would strongly recommend Sorting a Will to anyone currently without one OR have an existing Will reviewed, especially if you are recently married or divorced, become a property owner or have had children.


We can still assist if a loved one passed without having a will however it may be more complex and require more time from us, resulting in a higher level of pricing.

Executs of a Will must complte Probate Aplication Foms and Inheritance Tax returns
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What do you include in your Probate Services?

It all comes down to what you might need and every Probate case is different dependent on the deceased’s assets and property. When we are appointed to administer an Estate we typically offer a service that takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on looking after your family during a difficult and sensitive time.


These are just some of questions around Probate that arise, however if you have a question and are not sure then please do email or call us at our Swindon office on 01793 737246, we’ll be happy to help.

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