Probate Services

Welcome! Our expertise in dealing with the Probate Office and Inland Revenue is second to none. Our Probate Services are competitively priced when compared to the traditional sources of assistance with Probate, namely High Street Solicitors and the Banks.

Power of attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be established and registered at Court for as little as £250.00, which includes the Court Registration fee. We complete the necessary documentation and arrange for the Registration of the LPA, and all you need to do is sign the appropriate form - we do EVERYTHING for you

WE Provide LOW COST SERVICES with years of experience, and we are ready to visit your home

Asset Guardian Company was incorporated in 1997 and specialises in Probate, Will Writing services, and the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney. We offer a professional and convenient service in the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer, remotely on-line for your Will(s). We are based in Swindon but offer Will Writing and Probate services throughout the UK

Case Studies Satallite

Dear Gordon
Along with two thirds of the population, believe it or not we were without a Will. We were always concerned about who to trust to have one written and stored without charging too much. There were always other things and affairs to attend to and having a Will written just did not seem to be a priority. as long with (we are sure), many others, we have always felt that we have many years ahead before reaching a grand old age and need not worry ourselves about having a Will. Well, this was until Gordon Mitchell from Asset Guardian Company Ltd visited and joined BNI Read. Week after week, Gordon stressed the importance of having a Will, how easy it is to do and that it needn't cost a great fortune. Gordon was instructed to write our Wills and all he said was true to his word. After an initial visit to our home to explain what was required and the noting down of key points, Gordon very quickly provided our draft Wills. We stalled Gordon for a long while as the writing of the Wills meant giving serious thought to Guardians for our children and executors. It really made us think about who we could really trust with our children if we were not around. Gordon was amazingly patient and waited we are sure it was nearly 2 months whilst we finally made our very important decisions. The Wills were finally signed and sealed. As promised, Gordon's costs were extremely reasonable and we would strongly recommend Gordon and Asset Guardian Company's services to anybody that does not have a Will, or needs their Will updating due to changes in circumstances. Thank you Gordon so very much.

– Jasie and Kam

Dear Gordon
I knew that having a Will was important but kept putting it off. My wife and children are very important to me and had the worst happened they would not have been in the best possible position. Like many things in my life we intended to do it tomorrow, when tomorrow never comes! I can sum up the service you provide with one simple word EXCELLENT. You took the time to explain everything in simple English and helped us make the right choices and now we can rest assured that should the worst happen we have taken the best possible steps. Thanks to you I will not allow my customers to make the same mistake and always recommend your services with the passion and enthusiasm it deserves. In my opinion not arranging a Will when you have children or buying a property is reckless, particularly as your fee is so reasonable. Not only are you excellent at your job you are extremely personable and professional. Thank you very much.

– Jeremy & Karen Morcumb